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Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients

Below are some common questions and answers that we often receive. They should be considered as general information and may not apply to all situations. We encourage you to ask one of our trained lawn technicians or call the office during regular business hours if you have a special problem. We'll be more than happy to discuss possible solutions specifically designed to address your situation.

Pre-emergent applications put down a microscopic layer on the soil that prevents many seeds from sprouting, including crabgrass. This invisible shield is usually put down in early spring before the soil temperature reaches 55-60 degrees. It remains active throughout the spring and most of the summer months when the seeds begin to germinate, unless the soil is vigorously raked or dug up.
No. In fact, rain enhances the application and gives it a more even coating.
The treatment usually dries within 1 hour. However, we recommend that you keep children and pets off the lawn for about 12 hours if possible. Avoid mowing the lawn for 24 hours after the treatment and mow at about 3".
No. The pre-emergent will also stop desired grass from growing also. It is generally better to wait until the fall to plant new grass seed after a pre-emergent application has been put down. However, there are some special situations that we can help you with. Please call our office to discuss your situation.
Slow release fertilizers are actually microscopic coated capsules of fertilizer that breakdown and release their important fertilizer and trace elements over a long period of time. This ensures that your lawn's root system gets those nutrients in measured doses that won't over-stimulate the plants into a sudden growing spurt requiring more mowing.
Lime is a naturally occurring element that can be applied to the lawn to help balance the soil's pH so that it is more conducive for turf grasses to thrive. Included in a lime treatment is also a calcium supplement. Lime naturally helps control the acidity in top soil. To get the full benefit of readily available food to your lawn, the top soil must have the optimum pH level. If the pH level is too low, the soil is not able to break down the nutrients in the soil and makes it more difficult for your turf grass to absorb those nutrients. Some soils may require more than one treatment per season. Our lawn technicians will be able to give you an accurate assessment of your soil's condition.
Grubs are actually the larval stage of a variety of different kinds of beetles, including May and June bugs and voracious Japanese beetles, among others. Adult beetles lay their eggs in the soil in mid to late summer. As the eggs hatch, they develop into the white-wormish looking larvae. As the larvae grow, they work their way down to the root zone of your lawn where they eat the roots. Next spring, you'll suddenly notice dead patches of lawn start showing up in your lawn if you have grubs. By this time, it is too late to effectively treat for them and they will begin the process again. Grub control is largely a matter of timing so that they can be controlled in their early stages of development and before they go deep into the soil and go dormant for the winter. At TurfMasters, we apply a preventative grub treatment, providing you with guaranteed season-long control.
No, there is nothing to sign and send back. In addition, while many clients do take part in our pre-payment program to save 10%, payment is not required for service to begin.
Typically, we are on your property every 5 to 7 weeks for lawn services. However, if you are scheduled for additional services such as Tick Control, Tree & Shrub, Bed Weed Control, etc. we will be on your property more frequently.
Payment is due upon receipt of service - certainly within 30 days. Any account that goes unpaid for 120 days will automatically be sent to our collection agency, Advanced Collection Services.
We accept checks and all major credit cards (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa). Of course cash is always accepted when paying your service person or by stopping in the office. Also, we are pleased to announce that you can now make payments toward your balance online!
Your Grub Control Preventive will be done along with your Late Spring Fertilizer or your Summer Fertilizer. Keep in mind this service will be a double bill. One charge is for the Fertilizer and one charge is for the Grub Control. We do this because of timing and to also keep the price of the Grub Control as low as possible.
This is quite possibly one of the biggest myths of lawn care. Crabgrass germinates once soil temperatures reach and remain at 55 to 60 degrees Farenheit.
Lime can be done anytime during the season. Our lime application is a brown pelletized limestone which is not visible as it is as fine as sand.
Light to moderate leaf cover will not affect our heavy granular applications. The best way to describe this is like trying to pick up salt with a fork.
Each service person is responsible for a specific territory. However, certain specialty services such as Lime, Tree & Shrub, Tick Control, etc. require a different service person. In addition, due to timing of applications, you may notice a different service person from time to time.
Mushrooms occur when organic matter such as tree stumps, old roots, twigs, etc. decay in the soil. Most often associated with humidity and/or frequent rainfall.
Dandelions are treated post-emergently which means after they germinate. The best defense against any type of weed is a thick, dense, healthy lawn. To achieve this, it is important to treat your lawn consistently and introduce new cultivars of seed in the fall.
This could be one of two things. If you notice this in shady areas where there was no grass before, it's called Poa Annua or "Fool's Grass". Poa Annua is a winter annual that will die off when weather conditions get too hot and dry. If you notice this in a sunny area, it's more than likely stemming. Stemming is a natural process where the grass is trying to reproduce itself. This occurs mid to late May.
We offer Aeration and/or Seeding, Tick Control, Tree & Shrub Programs, Bed Weed Control, and Disease Control.
Unfortunately, we do not. There is a product available called Talpirid. You can purchase this product at your local Site One Store.
No, it doesn't. 95% of a mole's diet is earthworms. However, if your turf is pulling up like a carpet, you may have a grub problem - even then it may not be grubs. Turf that pulls up like a carpet can also be bentgrass which is an undesireable grass type with a shallow root system. Bentgrass is typically found on golf courses, however, over the years has been encroached into many home lawns as well.
You can call the office immediately at 203-865-0300 or 860-528-4440 and speak to a team member about your situation. We offer FREE service calls. The answer is NOT to not pay your bill!

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