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Turf Benefits

The Benefits of a Healthy Green Lawn

  • Noise Abatement

    Landscaping vegetation, including turfgrass, help muffle objectionable street noise. Sounds that do penetrate lawn and garden areas are rendered softer and less irritating. Lawns and gardens are restful places to enjoy the out-of-doors.

  • Air Conditioning

    A thick lawn functions as an air conditioner. Water evaporating off the grass cools the area around the house and temperatures at the ground level may be 20 - 30 degrees cooler than adjacent paved areas. One acre of grass had the cooling effect of a 70-ton air conditioner and gives off about 2,400 gallons of water on a warm dry day.

  • Value of Real Estate

    A recent Gallup Survey concludes that a well-maintained lawn has monetary value. When combined with good design and landscaping, a 15% increase of home value or selling price can be realized. Increases in business property values are also recognized. Appraisers estimate well-designed and maintained landscape added 7% to value of residential property and 6% to commercial property. The Gallup Survey also reported that 62% of all U.S. homeowners felt investment in lawns and landscaping is as good or better than other types of home improvements. The recovery value is 100 - 200% compared to an investment such as a new deck or patio at 40 - 70%.

  • Safer Footing

    Natural turf provides for good traction between the ground and your feet.

  • Small Animal Control

    Well maintained lawns around residential and commercial buildings help control populations of chiggers, ticks, ants, snakes rodents and other small animals. These pests find more protection in the natural landscape and thus become more troublesome in the absence of fine lawns.

  • Control of Temperature Buildup

    Turf has a cooling effect. Lawns remain about 75 degrees when atmospheric temperature exceeds 100 degrees on driveways and sidewalks. This temperature reduction helps make lawns and gardens pleasant places on hot summer days. Since they never become as hot during the day, further cooling during evening hours is most enjoyable.

  • Health Enhancement

    Roadside rest stops, parks, cemeteries and home lawns are all conducive to good health because they provide settings that help to reduce stress. In addition, lawn tending provides the best in walking, bending and lifting exercise to promote good health. Out-of-door gardening is far superior to physical fitness workouts indoors.

  • Water Purification

    Lush lawns help purify our water supply. The biology of turfgrass soil makes lawns a near ideal medium for the biodegradation of all sorts of environmental contamination. These soils are active in water purification as it leaches through the root zone and down into underground aquifers.