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Weed Control Strategies

Weed Prevention Stops weeds before they start.

Another superior aspect of the TurfMasters program relates to our weed control strategies. Our approach focuses on weed prevention. The best defense of a weed-free lawn is one that is thick and healthy; our university-proven fertility program provides for that. Next, our team members work with you to make sure the proper cultural practices are being done, mainly correct mowing and watering techniques. At the heart of the TurfMasters weed grass prevention effort is an initial pre-emergent crabgrass control application applied with the Early Spring service. We then follow that up with a 2nd pre-emergent in the Late Spring to extend the period of control when the barrier can start to break down. Most of our competitors do not do this, certainly not the national companies.

Weed Control Control and eliminate existing weeds.

While we can pre-emergently control most of your crabgrass, broadleaf weeds and dandelions are controlled with post-emergent products (the weeds must be up and growing in order to be controlled). Our advanced equipment technology allows our turf technicians to truly customize our weed control. We have the ability to use fine-mist liquid products applied only to where the weeds are present. This technique produces superior control while reducing usage of the weed controls around your home. In contrast, many of the other companies apply the weed controls to the entire lawn, needlessly. Did you know that blanket weed controls can injure the grass plant’s root system? At TurfMasters, we use control products judiciously; getting outstanding results with the use of our advanced methods, while limiting rates which is better for you and your lawn.