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Fertilizer Strategies Windsor, CT

Fertilizer Strategies in Windsor, CT

At TurfMasters we are the lawncare professionals in Windsor. We use professional-grade products, the same ones used on the top golf courses in the U.S., to create our very own custom blends of fertilizers. Our custom fertilizer blends are fortified with iron to ensure your turf become bighter and greener the next time around. We apply our fertilizer blends in the fall to provide more nutrients to the turf throughout the harsh winter season.

Late spring and Summer Fertilizer Blends

Our Late Spring and Summer custom blends are high in potash (potassium) and help your turf combat summer stress. Many of our competitors, especially the large, national companies, use high nitrogen quick-release fertilizers in these applications, resulting in excessive top growth at the expense of the turf’s root system. This actually causes great water loss in the grass plants, depletes energy reserves, and makes the turf more susceptible to disease incidence such as brown patch. We at TurfMasters put our heavy nitrogen fertilizers on in the fall applications. Ever wonder why your lawn looks so bad in the summertime? Well it doesn’t have to!

Why Fertilize in the Fall

Most grass plant root development occurs over the fall, and especially the winter months. University research shows at least 60% of your lawn’s nitrogen requirements should be applied in the fall, when grass growth slows, allowing for more use of the nutrients by the turf’s root system. This agronomically sound approach causes the turf to store the nutrients over the winter giving you a thick, lush green lawn in the spring so you don’t have to apply harmful amounts of quick-release nitrogen in the spring.