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Lawn Care Companies North Haven, CT

Lawn Care Company in North Haven, CT

Turfmasters has over 25 years of experience in the landscaping industry. Families in Connecticut have trusted and depended on our Team as the green industry leader. Having serviced lawns in Connecticut for so long, we know and understand about how to best care for lawns that grow in New England Soils.

Our goal is to provide an affordable alternative to the large franchise chains that offer very little customer service, high prices, and questionable results.

Turf Masters is locally owned and operated. We currently service over 800 homes in the North Haven Area. Our programs focus on reducing pesticide use while providing the healthiest lawn possible.

There is a growing difference in lawn care. At TurfMasters, we're serious about producing lawns that stay thick, green and healthy all year. We care about the results we deliver and we care about our our clients' level of satisfaction. We are locally owned and operated— we answer to our clients, not shareholders.

Turf Masters Lawn Care

We are known across North Haven county for:

  • Golf course-quality granular slow-release fertilizers for non-burning consistent growth and color.
  • Our custom blended fertilizers contain micro-nutrients essential to grass plant health.
  • State of the art equipment technology for precise, timely, targeted delivery of our professional products.
  • Pre-application lawn inspection to pick up any children's toys or pet dishes so they don't accidentally get sprayed or covered with fertilizer.
  • All hardscape surfaces are blown off of granules so there's NO staining of driveways or tracking of fertilizer product from walkways.