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Lawn Care Company Hartford, CT

Lawn Care Company in Hartford, CT

Turfmasters is located in Hartford, CT. We have been providing lawn care service in Hartford County and across the state of Connecticut since 1988. We have one goal and that is to provide superior lawn services by developing and nurturing relationships with our valued clients and team members in order to achieve maximum retention and satisfaction.

We strive for a long-term partnership with our valued clients and want you to see us as a resource for technical and practical knowledge that you can rely upon throughout the season.

When you choose TurfMasters, you’ll receive all the benefits that matter the most. Our customer service is quick and responsive, and the products we apply are the best suited for each need. And while everything we do is designed to deliver superior results that add value and beauty to your home, we’re always caring for the environment we all share.

Green is our passion and that’s why we want you to know the pride and peace-of-mind that comes with the perfect blend of services in our Quality CARE Program.

Turf Masters Lawn Care

We are known across Hartford county for:

  • Golf course-quality granular slow-release fertilizers for non-burning consistent growth and color.
  • Our custom blended fertilizers contain micro-nutrients essential to grass plant health.
  • State of the art equipment technology for precise, timely, targeted delivery of our professional products.
  • Pre-application lawn inspection to pick up any children's toys or pet dishes so they don't accidentally get sprayed or covered with fertilizer.
  • All hardscape surfaces are blown off of granules so there's NO staining of driveways or tracking of fertilizer product from walkways.